Online sessions at £30 per session until 31st Dec


    These sessions be specifically designed to support each person individually based around needs, wants and desires.


    If you find yourself stuck in an emotional rut and you struggle to turn things around, then these sessions are going to be perfect for you.


    Leave that feeling of frustration, anger, anxiety, discomfort, uncertainty and isolation behind and head towards that true self you really are!


    If youre ready to create lasting change in your life and learn to be that fun, happy, sociable self once again, then this is the program for you.



    • With these sessions you'll recieve highly effective coping strategies that you can use on a daily basis.


    • You'll recieve 1:1 coaching around how to view your situation in ways that will create change.


    • You will recieve 1:1 therapeutic services that contain the solutions to help you process what needs to be processed. (the sessions are effective without you having to go into detail with situtation of difficulty)


    Fight back and turn your life around.

    £60.00 Regular Price
    £30.00Sale Price
    • On completion you'll recieve an email for myself to arrange your free consultation as well as the sessions you choose to purchase.

      Thanks in advance and i look forward to working with you.