So.. a bit about me. I have been involved in sports for as long as I can remember, watching, playing and coaching. Sport is a big passion of mine.Another passion of mine is helping others to improve their lives and mindsets, using various solution based therapies I have trained in over the years.

Combining these two passions has allowed me to create the role that i'm in now. The role of a Sports Well-being Coach. This role enables me to support and guide sports men and women with any related issues that may impact on their mindset and mental health. 


I know first hand how emotionally difficult being a professional sportsperson can be at times. Issues such as, feeling not good enough, worrying about performance, being dropped or released, injuries and eventual retirement can have a huge impact on your mental health.

Mental health is a huge issue in sport, and one where there still seems to be an awful lot of stigma and not enough support. It shows incredible strength to stand up and say you are struggling with your thoughts and feelings. I understand how difficult it can be. This is where i can help. As  a Sports Well-being Coach, I can provide you with solution based techniques that don't require you to talk in depth, in additon to the option of talking based solutions and coaching if you prefer.